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Power Maps

Power Maps are like a digital printing press for interactive maps of campaign data. They enable you to provide each member of your team with detailed maps customized specifically to each level of responsibility. In just a few clicks you’ll have the power to see and understand your campaign data. (Learn More)


Click & Color Maps

Dig deeper into your data and categorize it based on a datapoint or geography with our click and color maps. Using this tool you can assign precincts to your organizers or divide areas of responsibility for your state table. All it takes is a few clicks. (Learn More)


District Reports

Imagine you want to send a set of your most important maps to a newly hired staff member before they hit the ground. Thanks to our new district reports, this just got easier. District Reports allow you to send a predetermined set of maps in pdf format to anyone who could use a full background report of your work. Based on these district reports, your organizers will be ready to hit the ground running on day one, or your donor will see a visual representation of the competitiveness of your district, making your pitch even more convincing. (Learn More)