Power Maps

Power Maps are like a digital printing press for interactive maps of campaign data. They enable you to provide each member of your team with detailed maps customized specifically to each level of responsibility. Whether their focus is whole state, a field region, an organizer turf, or a neighborhood team turf, Empower Engine gives every member of your campaign the power to find meaningful local patterns in the data.

Campaign staff and volunteers see an array of maps that have been custom generated for their specific level of access and position in the campaign. Because each person’s level of access varies quite a lot, supporting this level of detail and currency is simply impossible using existing GIS tools and stacks.


Neighborhood by Neighborhood, Block by Block

Clicking into any one the maps allows you to zoom in and inspect each geographic area in greater detail. You’re able to see the local context behind the data. In any type of organizing It is essential to understand where your community is and what’s around it.


Update Nightly

Field maps that update nightly from Votebuilder or other VAN instances are becoming a core way to hold staff and volunteers accountable to the goals that have been set for them. They serve as both coaching points and help uncover untapped strategies that are unique to each turf. Voter contact production and universe penetration maps are computed nightly.