Welcome to Empower Engine 3.0

The best companies are those that respond to customer feedback. After all, continued innovation is at the heart of what we do.  

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Empower Engine 3.0 complete with a suite of new features that reflect what you’ve told us.

We’ve heard you say that you want an easier way to compare maps, and a more user friendly feel to the platform.

We’ve heard you say that you want additional ways to share maps with donors, volunteers and field staff, without requiring a login.

Addressing these goals is at the heart of Empower Engine 3.0. Here’s a closer look:

Our New Navigation

We’ve upgraded your experience on Empower Engine with a completely revamped navigation. The new sidebar features helpful pictures to guide you as move around the site. Thanks to our new navigation, you’ll be able to more easily locate your desired information, and increase your efficiency on the platform.


The Map Dashboard

Our new map dashboard puts your library at your fingertips as soon as you login. The new dashboard will highlight and allow you to toggle among your most commonly viewed maps, helping you quickly see your most important maps.


New District Reports

Have you ever been a newly hired organizer nervously heading out to an area you don’t yet know? Have you ever wished you had ready made visuals to send a potential donor or your best volunteers to acquaint them with your campaign strategy?

Addressing these scenarios serves as the basis for our new district report feature. This new capability allows you to send a predetermined set of maps in pdf format to anyone who could use a full background report of your work.


Our work has always been about making data easier to understand and share across a team, and Empower Engine 3.0 is the latest step in our ongoing commitment.

Michael Piel