Empower Engine Adds Beauty and Readability to Data

Growing up in the Information Age has its advantages. I can look up information and data on the Internet whenever I want. Any ounce of curiosity I have about a certain topic can be resolved by just a couple of taps on my smartphone.

However, interpreting what you find can be a daunting task if the data is not tangible and well presented. As a student who is constantly required to look at data, I am often deterred by ill-organized data that should otherwise serve my purpose. If I don’t understand the data I’m using, how should I expect others to? Data is meaningless if it doesn’t communicate.

That’s part of what drew me to Empower Engine. Our mapping platform seeks to address this problem through striking data visualizations that are easy to create. Empower Engine makes complicated datasets easy to understand through its eye-catching visualizations. Through the maps we create, data becomes more communicable, helping campaign staff and community organizers understand the work ahead of them. Effective data visualization is crucial in an industry where audience engagement is essential to mobilizing action.

As a person without a political background, Empower Engine’s visually-striking maps effectively communicates to me what I need to know to organize in my community. Whether it’s the racial demographics of Pierce County or the percentage of unregistered voters in King County, I can easily discover the key characteristics of my surroundings. These maps are simple, but they are powerful.

Screenshot (27).png

Even more striking than the maps you can create based on census or campaign data, Empower Engine’s categorization application gives a user more control to interact with and colorize their data. This application can categorize your data in any way you want to best fit your needs.

Without Empower Engine, in-house designers and software engineers would have to manually generate these maps and visual representations by hand. Given how under-resourced many campaigns or non-profits tend to be, I can easily imagine how valuable this platform could be. Being aware of that makes my work meaningful.

Lisa Vo