Making our way down South

Since its inception, Empower Engine has had a history of working in northern states. The company felt it was time to approach neighbors to the South. With a commitment to help Democrats everywhere, Empower Engine signed on the Mississippi Democrats’ Coordinated Campaign in May, and the Danner Kline campaign in Alabama’s 6th Congressional District came on-board in July.

Empower Engine’s maps make campaign data easy to digest, helping keep campaign volunteers motivated and on track. In parts of the country that were historically ignored by the Democratic Party, these features truly shine.

“I love living in my liberal bubble of Seattle, but I am committed to fighting everywhere. I want to help turn red areas purple and purple areas blue. We’ve gone out of our way to reach out to campaigns in red areas as we sell our tools. I aim to make this November’s blue wave into a blue tsunami.” says business owner Julie Goldberg.

Alabama native son and Empower Engine Sales Director Inocencio Chavez adds, “While making calls during Alabama’s special senate election, it was often difficult to track our progress with call lists. Volunteers would get disheartened thinking their work had little impact. Maps would have been key to more overwhelming inspiration and outreach. I am excited to put Empower Engine in the hands of fellow Alabamians, and I can’t wait see their results.”

Empower Engine is an online data visualization tool designed for campaigns and advocacy organizations. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you organize geographically, maps are the way to tell your story. Our maps provide an overview of any district; show daily campaign progress in every district; and empower staff to demonstrate any aspect of the campaign’s strategy and progress towards it.

As always, we’re happy to talk about ways we can help you win your campaign.

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