Hello world!

Hello! My name is Tracey Whitten and I recently joined Empower Engine to run the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success team

I came to Empower Engine because it combines two of the things I love most: grass roots organizing and startups.  For more than five years I worked as an labor organizer on campaigns for people without unions who wanted one and for people who had unions but wanted to grow their membership. I made the decision to jump into the startup world last year to see if I could impact change from a different platform and I've had a blast so far.

Good turf is powerful for running an effective ground-game on a campaigns. But without the time or the know-how to create your own maps this can be a huge challenge. And that's the beauty of Empower Engine. You no longer have to wait for a Data Director (or whoever is in charge of creating turf) to make maps for you to get your field campaign running. Empower Engine can create a plethora of maps within days that you can share with your team immediately.

My favorite part of the tool so far are the field data maps. Being able to visualize campaign progress over a map is much more motivating and satisfying to me than an excel spreadsheet any day.

 and this is just one example of the many different data layers Empower Engine offers.

 Geeking out yet? Stay tuned as I post more tidbits about our platform as we head into the 2016 General Elections! Interested in trying it for yourself? Contact [email protected] or (206) 632-7647

and let's chat!