Our New Partnership with Targetsmart

Empower Engine is always looking for new ways to help our clients succeed. Whether your an individual consultant or a data team on a national campaign, we know that you’ll be relying on data to make decisions. Maps are the best way to communicate what’s behind your data.

Thanks to our new partnership with Targetsmart, we just made it easier for you to create comprehensive reports on any district or locality in the country, complete with Targetsmart’s groundbreaking scores. 

With our district reports you’ll be able to breakdown your district through a set of maps that can drive your strategy, complete with links to live maps for further analysis, and PDF copies that you can share with donors, field organizers, volunteers, and more.

This is what campaign coordination is all about. 

We’ve got a Report for You:

  • Are you running for a local office such as County Executive or School Board? We’ve got a report for you!

  • Are you working with a legislative caucus or a state party, we can help you breakdown every district in your state. We’ve got reports for you!

  • Are you a first-time candidate mounting a challenge for congress or state representative and you need to know your district? We’ve got a report for you!

  • Are you a consultant pitching potential clients, and you need maps? We’ve got a report for you!

For as little as $250, let us provide your maps to a winning campaign!

Email sales@empowerengine.com for more information