What a Year!

This has been a whirlwind midterm. As the results show, we did something right.

This map of the House is the fruit of our labors. With Democrats in control, we are poised to offset the current administration’s disastrous agenda. The dark colors show all the districts that flipped, and there were a LOT of them!

Let’s take a look at our work!

The Minnesota Democrats made a statement in their historic wins. Empower Engine is proud to be part of the team that retook the MN House. We also assisted the Minnesota Dems in capturing the 2nd and 3rd Congressional Districts. Angie Craig, the first openly lesbian mother to be a member of Congress, defeated a shock-jock infamously known for lamenting not being able to call women “sluts”. Did we mention Minnesota’s historic election of one of the first Muslim women to Congress? A former refugee, Representative-elect Ilhan Omar will also be the first woman of color to represent Minnesota.

WA-08’s Dr. Kim Schrier led a powerful GOTV program and came out victorious! She will be the first Democrat to represent Washington State’s 8th Congressional District. As a long-time pediatrician, she will supply much-needed expertise to the upcoming health care discussions. Empower Engine played a role in the final GOTV days to put Representative-elect Schrier on top.

Our client, Danner Kline, took on Alabama’s 6th Congressional District, the 13th reddest congressional district in the United States. Danner DOUBLED the Democratic voter turnout compared to the average of all other races in the top 20 red states. While Danner didn’t win, his gains set the stage for larger victories. Empower Engine also spent time in Mississippi as the Mississippi Democrats grappled with a special Senate election.


Mike Espy did not win the special election, but he did come closer than anyone in the last three decades.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we can start by laying a foundation right now. Our victories this cycle prove it’s a marathon, not a sprint, which is how we were able to take the House.

We took the House, this much is true. But now’s not the time to pat ourselves on the back. No, we keep going forward. It’s time to hone your craft and tighten your game. Set up a demo with Empower Engine today!

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