Vols Are Critical To Winning:
Show Them!

GOTV is fast approaching.  Are you ready?  Do you have enough volunteers recruited, and do you think they’ll put in enough shifts?  Our maps can help!

Demonstrate Your Results! Let’s look at a union’s participation in a 2014 legislative race.  The union organized a day of action and hit numerous doors for the campaign.  The campaign manager spent five minutes to pull up two maps in Empower Engine and email them to the union.  The first map showed all the doors that had been knocked that day.  The second showed all the work that was yet to be done.  The union been debating whether one day of action was enough, but the maps sealed the deal.  They came back for a second blitz.

Or Risk a Feeling of Wasted Effort?  Inspired by my political work, my mother canvassed for the first time for Elizabeth Warren during GOTV 2012.  She called me afterwards to say, “That was such a waste of time!  I knocked on all these doors and only talked to three people.”  I tried to assure her that it wasn’t a waste of time, because everyone’s efforts together added up to a lot of doors hit and overall increased turnout.  I’m not sure I convinced her.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words! (and dozens of volunteer shifts)

A picture truly is worth a thousand words! (and dozens of volunteer shifts)

I can tell my mother that her time was well spent, but it’s much more effective to show it. Empower Engine’s field maps are incredibly effective at motivating volunteers to come back.  They are automatically updated every night from VAN data, so they’re quick and easy to use.  It’s not too late to sign up now!  


Julie Goldberg