Empower Engine 3.0

Welcome to an Empower Engine built for organizers. Through Empower Engine 3.0 we have made the platform more user friendly, and created new ways for you to share maps with your team. Here are the new features:

Improved Navigation


We’ve upgraded your experience on Empower Engine with a completely revamped navigation. The new sidebar features helpful pictures to guide you as move around the site. Thanks to our new navigation, you’ll be able to more easily locate your desired information, and increase your efficiency on the platform.

Use our new dashboard to toggle between your most recently viewed maps.

Use our new dashboard to toggle between your most recently viewed maps.


The New Dashboard

We’ve upgraded your search experience on Empower Engine with the new map dashboard. In the early version of the platform a user had to move in and out of their individual maps, never getting a holistic view of their library, and making comparison cumbersome. Now thanks to the new dashboard users will be presented with an increasingly interactive home screen.

The new dashboard further opens up your library, as you’ll know be able to see and toggle through your recently viewed maps and see them side by side. We believe that this new feature will enhance the user experience and make quick comparisons easier.   


District Reports

Imagine you're running a campaign in 2020, and you are in the process of putting together your field team. Last week you hired six new organizers who are on their way to the ground. Now imagine that you could send each organizer a set of maps that provide a snapshot of your persuasion scores and voter contact progress in their area, giving them key knowledge before they even hit the ground. 

Thanks to our new district reports, you can do just that with just a few clicks.

This is another way that Empower Engine makes coordination and information sharing easier!