Julie Goldberg, Co-founder & Director of Engineering, has been involved in Washington State progressive politics for a decade and has been programming since high school. She got her BA in computer science and linguistics from Cornell University and subsequently worked as a software engineer at MIT Lincoln Laboratories. She moved to Seattle in 2000 to get a masters in computer science at the University of Washington.

After a six month trip around the world, she returned to Seattle and got her start in politics working on the tech side of Howard Dean's presidential campaign. Her caucus-location-lookup tool was used in many states. She went on in the 2004 cycle to work in Pennsylvania for Kerry-Edwards. In 2007, she joined Voter Activation Network as their first remote employee, when their staff was less than 20 people. She left NGP VAN as a senior software engineer early in 2013. Outside of politics and programming, she rows at Lake Union Crew and organizes Seattle's Lesbian Literature Meet-Up group.


Noah Glusenkamp, Co-founder & Senior Advisorworked for Barack Obama in Iowa as Field Organizer in 2007 after graduating from Occidental College. He organized for Obama in four other primary states before the general election in Colorado as a Regional Field Director. He stayed on in Colorado with Organizing for America, OFA 2.0, for 2009. In 2010, he moved to Seattle as the Data Director for Senator Patty Murray and the Washington state coordinated campaigns.

In 2011 and 2012, he worked at NGP VAN training and supporting VAN client administrators. Noah has been a data trainer at several New Organizing Institute data boot camps. Throughout his work, he’s been fascinated by the power of maps and geospatial analysis to inform strategy and engage supporters. Outside of work, he practices meditation with the Mindfulness Community of Puget Sound and can be found bicycling along the Burke Gilman trail.


Tracey Whitten, Director of Marketing and Sales,  has several years of experience in advocacy, organizing and sales. She started her career in politics in 2010 as a volunteer for the income tax initiative 1098 before jumping in as an labor organizer. Her time as an organizer was spent working on several large labor campaigns that included fighting for fair wages, health care and fair contracts for food service, janitorial and airport workers for SEIU 925 before changing her focus to college faculty with AFT Washington. There, she spent three and a half years organizing adjunct faculty for better working conditions. 

She has spent the last four years as member of the Seattle Women's Commission, where she focuses on wage disparity and affordable childcare. Tracey has her B.A. in Organizational Communication from the University of Central Florida.


Jon Peck, Senior Software Engineer, has been designing and developing software solutions for nearly two decades. He began his career building enterprise-grade financial systems, but quickly moved on to architecting solutions for NIH-funded medical research, teaching software development to college students and small-business owners, and freelancing for a wide variety of clients. As the Seattle startup community has bloomed, he has turned his attention to smaller companies with innovative, high-potential solutions that benefit society as a whole.

Along with his expertise in software development and systems architecture, Jon brings experience in team growth, product scaling, client outreach, and business analysis. He has a degree in Computer Science from Cornell University, a diverse set of technical and business interests, and an amazing three-year-old daughter who keeps him motivated to make the world a better place.