Custom web applications

You have a problem to solve: Maybe you have a specific project on-deck, or maybe you'd just like to increase efficiency by automating a few mundane daily tasks.

We have the skills you need: While you could build in-house, you'd rather reduce risk while saving time and money, by hiring an expert team which has been building web applications for years.  We gave expertise in campaign data, demographic data and GIS / mapping.  Large political data sets are our bread & butter.


After the 2014 election, we combined our mapping and political data expertise in a project for the DLCC. They wanted to show all the field work done by campaigns they supported in that cycle.  It was a great tool to highlight information for key stakeholders.

WA Democrats Caucus tool


In 2016, we designed and built a caucus sign-up tool for the Washington State Democratic caucuses.  165k voters pre-registered for the caucus.  Others used the tool just to find out where to go.  By pre-printing their sign-in/ballot, the precinct caucuses ran much more smoothly  than in other states.  Nobody stood in blocks-long lines, and data entry needs afterwards were greatly reduced from prior years!